Meditation of the Day – We Cannot Change Ourselves

“However great our efforts, we cannot change ourselves. Only God can get to the bottom of our defects, and our limitations in the field of love; only he has sufficient mastery over our hearts for that. If we realize that we will save ourselves a great deal of discouragement and fruitless struggle. We do not have to become saints by our own power; we have to learn how to let God make us into saints. That does not mean, of course, that we don’t have to make any effort . . . We should fight, not to attain holiness as a result of our own efforts, but to let God act in us without our putting up any resistance against him; we should fight to open ourselves as fully as possible to his grace, which sanctifies us.”
— Fr. Jacques Philippe, p. 14-5

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Minute Meditation – Joy is a Gift From God

Joy is a gift from God, one of God’s surprises that comes to us when we are expecting something else. And yet we can also say that joy is won. It is won by those with heart enough to surrender to God. God gives the power to surrender, but we alone can choose to use that power. So in that sense we win our joy in God. And “win” is a good word here, for the surrender is never made without a struggle; and in this case by losing the struggle against God and surrendering to God, we win! Another paradox, another reality that only the Spirit of God can explain. Only in the power of God’s spirit is our defeat our victory, and our surrender our real possession.

— from the book Song of the Sparrow: New Poems and Meditations by Murray Bodo, OFM

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Bible Love Notes – Struggling With All of God’s Energy

Are you “struggling” for anyone?

We tend to think of “struggling” as a negative thing, but sometimes it’s good.

Paul “struggled” with all of Christ’s energy to teach people how to live for Christ. His purpose (Colossians 2:1-4) was that they might be:

♥ encouraged in heart 
♥ united in love
♥ filled with an accurate understanding of Christ
♥ safeguarded from false philosophies

Paul was a powerful preacher, admonishing and teaching others (1:28). Not all of us have Paul’s gifts or calling, but that doesn’t prevent us from “struggling” for others.

Paul showed us a way that all of us are called to struggle … through prayer (1:9).

Perhaps our unsaved neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members shun our witness. Perhaps fellow believers who are on the wrong path disregard our concerns for them.

But we can still struggle for them with all of Christ’s energy by faithfully, regularly praying for them. 

So take time today to “struggle” for someone you know.

Meditation of the Day – He is Here With His Cross

“Yes, my heart’s dear one, Jesus, is here with His cross. Since you are one of His favorites, he wants to make you into His likeness; why be afraid that you will not have the strength to carry this cross without a struggle? On the way to Calvary, Jesus did indeed fall three times and you, poor little child, would like to be different from your spouse, would rather not fall a hundred times if necessary to prove your love to Him by getting back up with even more strength than before your fall!”— St. Therese of Lisieux, p. 87