Daily Message from Pope Francis-Dream, Seek & Adore

“Let us not give apathy and resignation the power to drive us into a cheerless and banal existence. Let our restless hearts embrace the restlessness of the Spirit. The world expects from believers a new burst of enthusiasm for the things of heaven… As restless seekers, let us remain open to God’s surprises. Brothers and sisters, let us dream, let us seek and let us adore.”

Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis: Faith has an All-Encompassing Value


“Faith has an all-encompassing value. It touches every moment and every aspect of a believer’s life: from baptism to our departure from this world, everything is informed by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus who gives salvation. Justification through faith underlines the priority of the grace that God offers without distinction to those who believe in his Son.” Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – If You Want to be First, Get in Line

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

“If you want to be first, you need to get in line, be last, and serve everyone. Through this shocking phrase, the Lord inaugurates a reversal: he overturns the criteria about what truly matters. The value of a person does not depend any more on the role they have, the work they do, the money they have in the bank. No, no, no, it does not depend on this. Greatness and success in God’s eyes are measured differently: they are measured by service. Not on what someone has, but on what someone gives. Do you want to be first? Serve. This is the way.”
Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – A Little Piece of Advice

Monday, September 27, 2021

“I will give you a little piece of advice: after each Confession, sit still for a few moments in order to remember the forgiveness you received. Hold on to that peace in your heart, that inner freedom you are feeling; not your sins, which no longer exist, but the forgiveness that God has granted you, the caress of God the Father. Just hold on to that; don’t let it fade. The next time you go to confession, think: I am going to receive again the embrace that did me so much good.”

Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – We Were Not Put Here to Just Make Do


“Today, being really original and revolutionary means rebelling against the culture of the ephemeral, going beyond shallow instincts and momentary pleasures, and choosing to love with every fibre of your being, for the rest of your life. We were not put here just to make do, but to make something of our lives… For our life to be great, we need love and heroism alike.” Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – There is No Forgiveness Without Truth

Friday, September 24, 2021

“There is no disarmament without courage, no aid without giving freely, no forgiveness without truth… The path to peace is found not in weapons, but in justice… Bearing witness that the capacity to fight evil does not lie in proclamations, but in prayer; not in revenge, but in concord; not in shortcuts dictated by the use of force, but in the patient and constructive force of solidarity. Because only this is truly worthy of man. And because God is not the God of war, but of peace.” Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – We Cannot Lose Sight of Heaven


“I would like to reiterate that if we want to preserve fraternity on Earth, “we cannot lose sight of Heaven.”… Yes, true religiosity consists in adoring God and loving one’s neighbour. And we believers cannot exempt ourselves from these essential religious choices: rather than demonstrating something, we are called to show the paternal presence of the God of heaven through our harmony on earth.” Pope Francis

Daily Message from Pope Francis – Everything that Exacerbates the Differences Between People Often Causes Discrimination

“Everything that exacerbates the differences between people, often causing discrimination – all of this, before God, no longer has any basis, thanks to the salvation effected in Christ. What is important is that faith that operates according to the path of unity indicated by the Holy Spirit. And our responsibility is that of journeying decisively on along this path of equality, but an equality that is sustained, that was created by the redemption of Jesus.” Pope Francis