Best Christmas Ever – Holy Moments

The world is a mess. But you have the power to change it.

And there’s no time to waste. Every second more souls are lost to the culture. Join today and be part of the grassroots movement making a life-changing difference.

If Matthew Kelly could give you one gift to make this your Best Christmas Ever, the message in today’s video would be it. But get ready—you’ll have to open up your heart to all the incredible things you’re called to do. Watch now and you’ll be inspired to become a source of transformative light and hope for the world! Watch the video!

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Best Christmas Ever – Day 21 – Amazing Sundays


Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation, but so often we find ourselves filled with stress, worry, and rushing to prepare for the week ahead. What might change if you, your family, and your community rediscovered the ability to rest on Sundays? After watching today’s video, you’ll know how to make every Sunday amazing for the rest of your life. Watch the video!

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