I Heard God Laugh – The Sixth Shift

Each of the five seismic shifts so far has the power to completely transform your prayer life: begin the conversation, ask God what He wants, give yourself to prayer, transform everything into prayer, and make yourself available. But the sixth shift is more important than all of them put together.

I Heard God Laugh – The Fourth Shift

“Offer it up!” You may have heard this phrase from a parent or grandparent before. Sometimes it might feel like an excuse to ignore the pain that a difficult challenge in your life is causing. But it’s really an opportunity to transform every part of your day into prayer. Will you invite God into the smallest moments of your day today?

I Heard God Laugh – The Third Shift

We have the chance to give ourselves to lots of things. We can devote ourselves to our work. Pour ourselves into a workout regimen. Maintain a commitment to our family or our friends. But what about prayer? Can we say that we “give ourselves” to prayer?