This Question Holds the Key to Happiness

There’s Only One Way to Find True Happiness. If you want to be truly happy, today’s Gospel holds the key. Watch now—Matthew’s reflection will guide you through a series of questions that will help you bring God (and happiness!) back into your life for good.

How You See Yourself vs. How Jesus Sees You 

When you look in the mirror, what kind of person do you see? If you ever see someone unlovable, Jesus says it’s time for an eye exam.

Oftentimes our view of ourselves is radically different than what Jesus thinks, and he desperately wants us to see ourselves according to his vision.

This week, Jack dives into what Jesus thinks of you and how believing his vision can transform your life.

The Danger of Comparison (and How to Avoid It)


How often do you compare yourself to others? We all do it. In ways big and small, subtle and not-so-subtle.

Today, Jesus provides a warning about the destruction comparison can bring to our lives. Thankfully, he also provides the solution.

Watch Matthew’s reflection to hear the life-changing truth!

Gospel Reflection – Finding Strength During Hard Times – Luke 9:28-36

You know those moments in life that you just never want to end? A great meal with friends. A massive win at work. Your wedding day.

We have a tendency to yearn for the mountaintop moments in life to last forever. In part because of how incredible the mountaintop can be. But also because the valleys beyond seem to promise inevitable struggle and uncertainty.

Jack Beers reflects on how leaving the mountaintop may feel like a terrible trade-off, but in reality leads to the greatest opportunity of our lives.