Catechism Answers – July 24, 2023

Have questions about the Catechism? We have answers!

đź“Ł Catechism expert Dr. Scott Sollom from Franciscan University will be going LIVE each week to answer your questions about the Catechism as we journey through The Catechism in the Year podcast! Join us every Monday at 12:30pm ET.

Dr. Scott Sollom is a Professor of Theology at Franciscan University and the Director of the Catechetical Institute at Franciscan’s Center for Evangelization and Renewal. He has been blessed to engage in various catechetical workshops across the country as well as consult for the USCCB Institute for the Catechism. Scott has previously served as a DRE in Stillwater, Minnesota, and College Station, Texas, and as a youth minister in Hudson, Wisconsin. Scott and his wife, Mary, have five children and enjoy spending time outdoors as a family.