What Kind of Servant Are You?

There’s a Message for You in This Gospel Story…If You’re Willing to Unlock It

How do you unlock the message?

It’s simple: put yourself in the shoes of the one Bible character everyone would rather overlook. Watch Matthew’s reflection now—you’ll discover a deeper understanding of who you are…and who God is.

Feed Your Soul – Be Careful What You Praise

What if you could multiply everything good in your life? And what if all it took was one simple action? In today’s video, Matthew outlines the one thing you can do to get more out of life (and the one thing you should avoid!). Watch now and you’ll discover the simple step to add more goodness to your world!

Feed Your Soul: Three Words that Changed My Faith in The Eucharist

Will spending time with a piece of bread really change your life? In today’s reflection, Jack shares a story that radically changed his relationship with the Eucharist and will inspire you to deepen your own. Watch now–there’s an invitation waiting for you that has the potential to change everything!

Feed Your Soul – The Best Way to Share Your Light

“Someone else will take care of that.”

We all feel this way sometimes, but today’s reflection will inspire you to shine your light in the darkness.

Watch now–Matthew shares some thought-provoking questions that will help you reflect on your life and challenge you to spread your goodness in the world!

Feed Your Soul – How Do You Respond to God?


You can tell a lot about a person by the way they respond to God.

In today’s video, Jack Beers reflects on the three types of responses seen in the Gospel, and invites you to reflect on where you fit in.

Get ready to change the way you see every moment of your life…big and small!

Feed Your Soul – How to Prepare for Jesus: Cleaning Up Your Spiritual House


This week’s Gospel is urgent: be prepared for Jesus.

It’s easy to forget about Jesus’ coming with the busyness of life, but this week’s Gospel reveals how being ready for Jesus is the most important thing we can do.

Today, Allen shows us how we can be ready to welcome Jesus, as well as two ways to know if you’re on the right path.