Bible Love Notes – 2 Wonderful Things God Built Into Creation

I’m in awe of God’s creation—the rugged mountains, turquoise waters, soft sand beaches, golden wheat fields, pleasant clouds, shimmering sunsets, and so much more.

While reading Genesis 2, I noticed something I’d never noticed before: God created “trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food” (verse 9). 

God gave us a world that is both practical and beautiful.

The fruit trees he created are sources of nutrition, but they’re also “pleasing to the eye,” wonderful to sit beneath on a sunny day, a great source of fuel and building materials.   

And it’s not just the beauty of the tree, but the food as well. God could have given us bland, boring fruit. But He gave us a vast variety with different tastes, textures, fragrances, shapes, sizes, and colors. See My Compliments to the Ultimate Candy-Maker.

The God of the universe created a world that provides all that we need, but it’s more than useful and practical—it’s also “pleasing to the eye.” 

That sounds like a simple truth, but it’s not. We have an awe-inspiring, beauty-creating, multi-purposing God. This is one of many reasons to praise Him!