Daily Message from Pope Francis – A Thousand Tasks

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2021

“A father and a mother, caught up in a thousand tasks, may feel nostalgia for a time in their life in which it was easy to find regular times and spaces for prayer. Then come children, work, family life, ageing parents…. One has the impression that it will never be possible to get through it all. It is good then for us to think that God, our Father, who must take care of the entire universe, always remembers each one of us. Therefore, we too must always remember Him!” Pope Francis

Meditation of the Day – Undertake Great Tasks

“Undertake courageously great tasks for God’s glory, to the extent that he’ll give you power and grace for this purpose. Even though you can do nothing on your own, you can do all things in him. His help will never fail you if you have confidence in his goodness. Place your entire physical and spiritual welfare in his hands. Abandon to the fatherly concern of his divine providence every care for your health, reputation, property, and business; for those near to you; for your past sins; for your soul’s progress in virtue and love of him; for your life, death, and especially your salvation and eternity—in a word, all your cares. Rest in the assurance that in his pure goodness, he’ll watch with particular tenderness over all your responsibilities and cares, arranging all things for the greatest good.”— St. John Eudes, p. 363

The Bible in a Year – Day 46 – Set Apart for God

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Day 46: Set Apart for God

Fr. Mike points out how blessing something sets it apart for the purposes of God, and it is no longer meant for ordinary uses. So when we are filled with the spirit of God, our daily task becomes extraordinary, because it is consecrated to God. Today’s readings are Exodus 30-31, Leviticus 22, and Psalm 115.

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